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During the EFOOD2022 conference, we will have workshops with renowned experts in Food Design. Soon we will give you more information about the program.

Jasper Udink
ten Cate

Creative Chef Studio
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Jasper Udink ten Cate is an artist/designer and founder of Creative Chef Studio.
A multidisciplinary art and design studio where Jasper and his team create experiences that evolve around their artworks and designer objects that are often linked with food. These ‘experiential recipes’ use ingredients like biotech, physics, coding, music, philosophy, biodiversity and any kind of other discipline that is needed to get the story across. You could say his performances are ‘experiential recipes’ that are served in space and time. Jasper’s work is exhibited all over the world and his expertise on the topic of food has been used by companies like Google, Nike and many more.

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