EFood 2022

(Re)Designing the
Food Systems

28, 29 & 30 April 2022

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F.O.R.K. – Food Design for Opportunities, Research and Knowledge – ASBL
Bd. Brand Whitlock 132
1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

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28, 29 & 30 April 2022 (Online and Onsite)

Lisbon School of Architecture
Universidade de Lisboa

Re-transforming, rethinking and redesigning the world’s food systems, making them more inclusive, equitable and sustainable may seem like an insurmountable challenge. But there are actually concrete actions that designers can take. The FORK Organization proved it with the 1st World Food Design DAY 2021. A 20-hour virtual journey through the world, to discover how design is activating a change in the agri-food sector. On the occasion of the UN 2021 World Food Day, The FORK Organization launched its first day on food design. The time has come to reflect on the future that we must build together:

We can all learn from food by working with food?
What can you do as a designer?
What can governments, industries, supranational organizations do?
What can the private and public sectors do?
What can farmers, producers, distributors, restaurateurs do?
What can academia, research, science do?
What can civil society do?
And what real contribution designers can make?

This is the big theme of the EFOOD2022 conference. A theme that wants to be treated from a scientific and academic point of view, but to make a contribution even outside of schools and universities. A way to make people understand, once again, the potential of design in innovation and preservation of the Planet. There are 800 million people suffering from hunger and at the same time high rates of obesity. Healthy, nutritious diets are expensive, yet many producers are poor. Current practices are not good for the environment. It is clear that we need a revolution. A revolution so radical as to completely overturn the previous versions of our food systems. Transforming food systems for prosperity, making innovations available and accessible technologies to tackle the problems and issues related to climate change, encouraging sustainable food and design techniques, with a great impact on people’s lives.

The organizing institutions of the 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change, invite professors, MA and PhD students, researchers, chefs, professionals and designers from all scientific areas to submit unpublished articles or projects for presentation at the 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change. The conference emerges as a forum where academics and experts collaborate in an interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary way on the current food system and its food. Like the first and second conferences, it is intended to be a meeting between the world of design and food with other scientific areas.

The 3rd International Food Design and Food Studies Conference, Experiencing and Envisioning Food: Designing for Change, seeks to explore potential solutions to current problems of the food system and scenarios on the future of food and nutrition. The fundamental objective of the conference is to generate value for our food and the design as a research and work methodology. This important goal can only be achieved if specific steps are taken if we carry out essential tasks. If to define a goal, it is necessary to emphasize the benefits and reasons for this. To achieve it, it is instead necessary to focus on a specific and positive process. For this reason, the word envisioning, as the ability to plan the present and activate change, having a holistic and systemic approach, looking towards the future. It is also intended that academics interact with the industry, and the proposed format facilitates collaboration between diverse scientific domains.

We are opening the call for articles on the following topics:

Design for Sustainability and Agenda 2030
Design for Social Innovation
Design for Food Design Education
Design for Policies and Communities
Design for Nutrition and Health
Design for Gastro-wine Tourism
Design for Gastronomy



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